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Corporate: Other Opportunities

Other Opportunities


We love hearing news from the hobby, whether its sneak peeks or the latest releases. Why not publish your news on Wamp and get your products and events noticed. You can post in the forums, submit an article to the News page or even do both. We use content from Wamp in every issue of Portal Magazine so theres a good chance your news may get spread even further!



Everyone loves offers and they are great for driving sales. If you would like to offer our membership a special discount then get in touch


Wamp Ladder

We are currently looking for a sponsor for the famous Wamp Ladder offering the chance to have your company name associated with the only ranking based painting contest.


Paint Masters

These paint a long sessions offer people a great chance to complete a miniature concurrently with a top level painter. All participants use an identical miniature which is great for sales of that mini. If you would like us to consider using one of your miniatures for this then let us know. We try to incorporate some kind of special deal for those buying the miniature for this event.



If you are interested in any of these opportunities or you have your own idea of how Wamp can be involved with you then please contact us. We are always willing to listen to propositions.

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