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  1. Freebooter Mermaid : Finished!!

    I was able to finish the mermaid in time before my parents returned home this past Monday. I ended up working very late into the night on the blends and everything to get her as perfect as I could. Here she is!

    I glued some tiny seashells along the bottom of the base and also put two tiny ones on the top, with the mermaid.. kinda giving the effect of having some of her "sea friends" with ...
  2. Freebooter Mermaid: WIP 4

    I finished the mermaid figure itself by painting the rocks that she was sitting on as well as the little crab that is pinching her (Yes, that is why she has that strange expression on her face! LOL). The rocks were quite a challenge because I had to paint around all the finished work of her tail, which was the hardest part of her to do. I did pretty well, though, with just getting some paint on the hand from the under-coating of black paint that I added to the rocks at first. (see video listed below). ...
  3. Freebooter Mermaid: WIP 3

    Tonight I worked more on her and actually have the mermaid to a point where I'm really happy with her an can call her finished. The base she is on and the larger base she will be glued on, on the other hand, are not.

    I spent another 2 hours on her tail. First, I began with a dark purple/black/blue mix and painted the bottom half that I left gray. I then started highlighting it back up to the original violet that I used as the base-coat of the top of her tail. Once I finished ...
  4. Freebooter Mermaid: WIP 2

    I worked on this some more yesterday afternoon while Rosemarie was asleep and Nathan watched Godzilla on the tv. I'm semi-hurrying to get this done so my dad can take it home with him tomorrow (Sunday) night, since my parents are returning home on Monday morning.

    Anyway, I touched up the skin a little more so the blending looks more smooth. I added a little more highlighting to her left shoulder and evened out the tones around her breasts (those things are a PAIN to paint!!!) ...
  5. Freebooter Mermaid: WIP 1

    So, I started the mermaid last night and ended up stripping her tonight and restarting. I really liked the eyes and her skin, until I put on a flesh wash... and then everything just went kablooie. I'm not sure what it was, whether or not the wash went "bad" (I've had it for a few years, now), but it just made her completely brown.

    Mainly a wash like that is meant to bring out the details more by filling in the little nooks and crannies on the miniature (i.e. the spaces ...