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Corporate: Reviews



Miniature reviews are a growing trend and its one that Wamp has helped push forward. We are the first to give a numerical score to a review like those so commonly seen in computer gaming and other such products, This brings in an easy way for customers to gauge whether to purchase an item or not. The growth of display only miniatures has led to less purchases made purely on a gaming basis. Buyers will nowadasy pick and choose display miniatures based upon asthetics, quality of cast and sculpt, all attributes which we quantify


Why have a review?

Gaining a good score will help persaude buyers that your product is a good one to purchase. Reviews not only publicise your product directly to Wamp members but also to those who search for your product via search engines. We also feature many of our reviews in Portal Magazine, that's 1,000 views a month on its own.


Furthermore products gaining a sufficient score will be awarded with either a bronze, silver or even gold award which will be made available to you. You are free to use this award to help publicise the product on your site, packaging,etc and is a great visual tool to help drive sales.


All our reviews are carried out by one of our panel of reviewers who are objective and fair. We also try where possible to use the review piece in a tutorial of some sort to help promote the product further for you.


What will we review?

We will review any hobby related product such as miniatures,paints,tools, book's and DVD's as well as gaming related items. We will also consider reviewing non hobby related products if they are relevant to our readership.


If you would like us to review one of your products then please contact us.



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