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Corporate: Contest Sponsorship

Contest Sponsorship

Contest Sponsorship


Probably Wamp's best know feature is our great line up of sponsored contests. Wamp Specials are now into their third year and we run on average 10 contests a year each sponsored by a different manufacturer. These contests are our flagship contest and represent a great way to get your company noticed. Sponsoring one of these events means you get your company showcased not only on Wamp but also within Portal magazine.


What does sponsorship entail? Well its pretty simple really, all we ask for is prizes! The more the merrier but it can range from a single prize up to enough for 6 or 7 winners, even a prize for every entrant (yes that's already happened!!) These contest are extremely popular with companies now as Wamp has become THE place for these types of contests. So much so in fact that we now hold Wamped! a multi-sponsor contest that allows us to pool together smaller or newer companies into one massive contest.


What benefits do you get from being a sponsor?


Contest sponsorship announced on Wamp months ahead of time giving contestants plenty of time to purchase your products


3 month announcement is made on Wamp, in Portal Magazine, Facebook, Twitter and major forums including CMON, TGN and TMP


Contest winners will feature in Portal Magazine and overall winner features on Portal front cover - great exposure for your miniature!


Ability to arrange special offers for the contest - help drive sales


Help judge the contest (if you want to!)



Here are just a few of the sponsors we have worked with many of whom are returning companies.


Avatars of War


Urban Mammoth

Ironwind Metals



Guild of Harmony


Privateer Press

Kingdom Death


Pulp City


Gaspez Arts


Redbox Games


If your interested in Sponsoring a contest then please contact us



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